The power of heritage.

NAPA Auto Parts is the original auto parts store. Since the first cars needed parts, they were there. But in an effort to seem more modern and corporate, the brand had lost it’s personality and heritage blending into the corporate landscape.

Our goal was to simplify the brand and message with a flexible yet consistent communication system. We developed a system to help streamline, create relevant consistency, and establish flexibility. Communications across all media were from the same family but not identical—cousins—not twins.

All messaging had to be audience-focused—quickly getting to the benefit for people who don’t have time to waste. Brutal simplicity eliminated any unnecessary element for a clean, streamlined look. We utilized space more strategically with a better balance of images and copy to make it easier to access and read.

We needed to maintain the integrity of the NAPA brand, but make it new. We expanded the palette to include a cyan, silver and more black. We used a modern, cross-platform typeface that was also sturdy and hardworking. We even incorporated a condensed face similar to those used with 50s and 60s race cars for big, bold headlines.

Now the system that reflects both the heritage and future of the brand consistently and helps the benefits of working with NAPA come through loud and clear.

Over the years, more and more brands were attached to the NAPA logo adding more and more confusion. We eliminated anything but the NAPA Badge because NAPA is the recognizable brand they trust. In fact, we literally made it the cornerstone of the  system anchoring the corner of each and every piece.