Inspiring life-changing transformation.

Students go to technical college to prepare for the workforce. But with the number of hours people spend at work, shouldn’t we all be enriched  with careers instead of jobs?

That’s the spirit behind this program. To prove that it works, we focused on the stories of alumni whose lives have truly changed. And we created a poster and video campaign characterized by authenticity: personality-filled portraits. Handmade lettering. Personal interviews. Student-submitted footage. All underpinned by the program’s signature red jacket—the transformative tool that helps students lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

It went so well, we did it all again highlighting entrepreneurs. Check it out.

Be the boss.

In our previous series for SkillsUSA, we inspired students to join the organization to pursue their dream career and transform their lives. This time, we teamed up with HP Life to focus on alumni who have become entrepreneurs.

Our up close and personal interviews tell aspiring business owners the ups and downs of being the boss, winning Top Chef, and how SkillsUSA can help you prepare.